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            Historically, Rexon Components Inc. was the second spin-off (1983) from the Harshaw Chemical Co. which pioneered the development of inorganic scintillators in this country and the free-world. Rexon's creation originated due to a change in Harshaw's management and philosophy. The founder, Dr. M. R. Farukhi had served at Harshaw as Group Leader for Measurements (R/D), Director of Production Engineering, and finally as Manager of Nuclear Products and Systems. Several of Dr. Farukhi's publications now serve as references for the properties of scintillators.

            Rexon's managers are veterans in the Nuclear Radiation Detector industry with primary experience at Harshaw. These managers are well aware of all the nuances in the fabrication technology.

            Rexon Components is at the forefront of Homeland Security. Our products are helping security worldwide. Rexon's Products and Services cover the entire gamut of products offered by the SGIC Companies of France which include the now-defunct Bicron, Harshaw Q/S, and Crismatec.

  • Scintillators
  • Inorganic such as NaI (TI), CsI (Na), CsI (TI) , ZnS, BGO, GSO, BaF2(Eu), CdWO4 and others
  • Plastic Scintillators equivalent and identical to all the BC-400 and NE-100 series

  • Accessories such as optical coupling greases, epoxies , voltage dividers, magnetic shields, PMT's and electrical connectors
  • All basic assemblies mentioned above covers various combinations of the following: open window crystals, integral crystals, PMT's, and Si-Diodes. Also included are crystals with multiple and customer removable PMT's.
  • TLD Systems
  • The 300 and UL-320 series TLD Readers, dosimeters, chips, rods, discs, pellets, powder, teflon-phosphor chips, planchets , badges and many other accessories
  • Survey Probes
  • Hand held probes (various configurations) for use with Survey Meters
  • Electronic Components
  • Plug-on voltage dividers, preamps, preamp power supplies, or custom power supplies
  • Repair & Refurbish
  • Already own a detector? We will repair, refurbish, and/or completely remanufacture any detector made by ANY MANUFACTURER  regardless of date of manufacture. This comprehensive repair service is unique in the industry.

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