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Description: General Specifications:

Our Type X Standard assemblies are a family of scintillation detectors characterized by having a right circular cylinder geometry and one open face. Each Type X detector is ready for coupling to a photomultiplier tube of your choice.

The detector is encased in a metal housing with a glass optical window at one end. A variety of crystal materials and construction methods are available. Specifications which apply to all Type X detectors are shown in the general specifications table. 

The Type X Family includes end-well, side-well, thin window assemblies, and gamma camera crystal styles, in addition to the popular solid cylinder styles. 

Optical Window

1/8" UV Transmitting Glass
Reflector Aluminum Oxide, packed power, 1/16" thick, 67 mg/cm^2
Entrance Window .020" Aluminum, 137 mg/cm^2
Housing Material Aluminum, standard Stainless Steel, Optional
Housing Thickness 1/32"
Housing Diameter Crystal Diameter + 0.22"
Housing Length Crystal Length + 0.28"

Type X detectors are supplied ready for interfacing to a photomultiplier tube of your choice.

Choose from a variety of crystal materials, sizes, styles and options.

Use a series of Type X detectors with one or more basic photomultiplier tubes.

These detectors are available in solid, end-well, and side-well construction.

Thin window assemblies are available for detection of x-rays between 3 and 100 kev. Dimensions range up to 3" diameter and 0.236" (6 mm) thickness. Entrance window is either 0.001" thick aluminum foil, 0.005" or 0.010" thick  beryllium foil options.

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RX-688 Optical Coupling Grease or RX-22P Optical Interface Compound is recommend for interfacing the Type X detectors to a photomultiplier tube.

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