Model B-200

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MODEL RB-200 Integrated PMT Base


                 Compact, easy-to-use solution to your PMT         

              interface requirements
                 Low ripple, adjustable PMT bias supply
                 Adjustable to 2000VDC
                 Low-noise, charge sensitive, FET input 
                 LCD display
                 MCA interface for remote control and monitoring


The Rexon Model RB-200 series Integrated PMT Base provides a simple solution for a reliable interface to photomultiplier tubes (PMT).  The unit provides a high speed low noise preamplifier, a regulated low ripple high voltage power supply, and a divider network. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of scintillation detector applications.  The low noise design of the HV supply eliminates spurious counts often associated with lower quality units while eliminating the need for a costly external supply and associated cabling   The PMT socket is a standard 14-pin configuration and is available for both 8-stage and 10-stage dynode configurations.

 The RB-200 features a convenient, sub-miniature LCD that displays the HV setting.  The HV supply can be adjusted either the locally or remotely.  In addition, a logic level output signal indicates HV normal or fault status. The RB-200 features high stability and low ripple PMT bias supply necessary to meet the most demanding requirements.

 The Integrated PMT Base provides an interface for use with a variety of MCA cards allowing remote control of the HV, monitoring of the HV supply status and low voltage supply direct from the MCA card. 

 Since the RB-200 provides all of the functionality necessary to properly bias the PMT, condition and drive the signal system integration becomes easy.  Connection to the unit requires simply a low voltage power converter and a coax cable with a BNC connector. An internal jumper allows output impedance to be set for 50 ohms or 93 ohms to match the particular coax cable used.

 The RB-200 is available in several versions. It can be supplied in either a 8-stage dynode or 10-stage dynode configuration.

 A preamplifier only version provides an SHV connector when external HV is used.

 Both 120VAC/60Hz and 220VAC/50Hz power converters are available as well as a wide variety of international converters.

 Consult our factory for other custom versions, configurations or gain selections.



3.5 digit LCD

Display resolution:


Voltage range:

0 to 2000VDC (positive)

Operator controls:

HV adjustment, remote/local selection (internal)

Signal connector:

BNC type

Output impedance:

50W or 93W

HV output current:

0 to 0.5mA  

HV ripple (, full load, P-P):


HV stability:


HV Temperature coefficient (typ.):


Operating temperature:

-10 to +50C (85% RH max.)

Storage temperature:

-25 to +95C (95% RH max.)

Power requirements:

120VAC/60Hz to 12VDC @ 300mA power converter (220VAC/50Hz available)    Direct from MCA (+12V)

Dimensions (Dia. x H):

2.2" x  5.4" (5.6 cm x 13.7 cm)


0.8 lb ( 0.28 kg)

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