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  General Data   Rexon Plastic Scintillators  
  Base:                                              Polyvinyl toluene   Plastic Scintillators offer high performance, ease of handling, mechanical stability at a relatively low cost. The versatility of plastic Scintillators makes them the ideal choice for large area and specially shaped detectors.  
  Density:                                         1.032   
  Refractive Index ( N D):              1.58  
  Refractive Index at Wavelength or Max. Emission:  
         RP-102A = 1.608, RP-110=11.605 Standard Sizes and Shape  
  Softening Point:                           70 oC Sheet sizes range up to 120" (3m) long by 36" (914mm) wide. Blocks are available up to 96" (2.5m) long, while Rods up to 48" (1220mm) diameter are routinely manufactured. Call for standard sizes of annuli, well counters, thin films and spheres.  
  Coefficient. of Linear Expansion (<67 oC):   Approx.  
         9x10E-5 /cm/cm/ oC  
  Vapor Pressure:  
         Negligible.  May be used in high vacuum. Effects of Liquids  
  Alpha/Beta Ratio (RP-102A):     0.072 The plastic scintillators are soluble in aromatic  solvents, acetone, chlorinated solvents etc. They are unaffected by water, dilute acids, alkalis, lower alcohols, pure methyl, silicone grease or fluid.  
  Radiation Length:                         43cm  
  Light Output vs. Temperature: Independent of temperature from -60oC to +20oC. At 60oC is 95% that at 20oC.  


Equivalent Type Numbers



Plastic Scintillators

    Rexon Bicron
  NE-102A RP-400 BC-400 Thin Film - Good General Properties
  PILOT F RP-408 BC-408 Best Overall Properties
  * RP-200 BC-416 Good Overall - Economical
  NE-111A RP-422 BC-422 Ultra Fast Timing,  1.4 ns Decay
    RP-440 BC-440 Elevated Temperature Operation
  NE-115 RP-444 BC-444 Long Decay Time
  NE-142 RP-452 BC-452 Pb-Loaded, Dosimetry
NE-105 RP-470 BC-470
Water Equiv., Dosimetry

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